Bring a group of strangers together who are willing to play. Next you take a 20 sided die ( D20) and roll it three times. Who rolls is up to you and the group to decide. From 1-20 you do said task listed for what number you roll. After the roll, each participant must do said task. ( List of tasks from 1-20 below). After you do the task, pick the next person to roll the die. Repeat the process up until all three rolls are made and have a good time.


1. Roll again, and take the lowest number. Do the task that is listed.

2.Tell one fact about yourself

3.Flirt with a person of your choice

4. Ask a person about their favorite memory

5. Avoid eye contact for a minute

6.Tell a stranger your most embarrassing memory

7.Ask the person in front of you a personal question

8.Reflect on the last relationship you were in(any)

9.Tell a friend why you love them

10.take a moment and self reflect for one minute

11.look into someone”s eyes in silence for a minute

12.Think about why you love /loved your partner

13.Call an old friend (or text)

14.Greet a stranger as an old friend


16.Talk /yell to the person 6ft from you ( no moving)

17.Find a corner, avoid all conversations for 3 mins

18.Hug the nearest person to the left of you

19.Reach out and touch the nearest person

20.Roll again, take the highest number, do the task that is listed.

3. Make Friends

After playing just have a good time and make friends. If you play the game, just make sure to make a hastag with a photo of yourself and new/old friends playing the game. #justforconversation